LinkedIn Photo and Headshot Guide

You will get more job-interviews and contact requests without beauty filters

two portraits for linkedin headshot guide. one straight out of camera, the other one heavily retouched.

Ok, ok - in the photo on the right I exaggerated a bit. Fewer wrinkles, drooping eyelid gone, age spots gone, slimmer, no circles under the eyes, etc., etc.


Every photographer knows such wishes and they come from men and women.


And of course I also do some kind of "optimization". You must not overdo it though. I my case there is no need at all. I  prefer the rough look.


Just recently, one of my clients switched her old LinkedIn profile photo for a new one. The old photo was  nice to look at, but that was about it.


Generally I like to ask and I also asked this customer:


"Do you want to look like the girl who serves the coffee, or the lady who runs the meeting?"


This may sound a bit disrespectful to the service staff and is definitely not meant that way, but my customer got the message. The photo I take of you is not for your partner or grandparents, but for your business, for your employers website or for your LinkedIn profile. You don't have to tilt your head nicely and smile like Miss World oder Mr. Universe.


This statement is also true: "You're allowed to show your leadership!"


And only two weeks after this customer had exchanged her profile photo on LinkedIn, she wrote me an enthusiastic mail and reported that she had never before received so many contact inquiries as after posting the new photo. 


People sense exactly whether a photo has been retouched to death or is simply honest.

More tips for your LinkedIn profile photo

14 portraits for linkedin headshot guide. The same man from age 6 thru 58.

Please use a recent photo and do not use a photo from the stone age.

Example for linkedin headshot guide. Man riding bull, face hardly recognizable and portrait of same man in landscape format.

Make sure your face makes up the majority of the photo.

Example of photo for linkedin photo guide. Dog licking mans head.

Be alone in the photo. Unless you  work with animals, no pets allowed I’m afraid.

Bad example for linkedin photo guide. Man drinking beer.

Think carefully about the impression you want to convey.

linkedin photo guide. man not looking into camera. Bad example.

Look into the camera!

man with dotted suit in front of dotted background

Avoid distracting backgrounds!

man in front of dotted background waering dotted suit

Avoid distracting clothing.

Linkedin headshot guide examples. two photos of same men. he wears a vest and a jacket on the left and vest but no jacket on photo on the right

Wear what you wear to work or when you meet clients.

Example for linkedin photo guide: men in photo studio getting shot.

With you photographer discuss lighting and background, they have a great influence on your photos impact.

photo for linkedin photo guide. Camera and cup of coffee.

Meet your photographer before the shoot to get to know each other.


With me you can! If we get to know each other before your actual photo shoot, your photos will be better. Book your appointment here for our get to know meeting! If you like, with a cup of coffee or tea and your favorite cake.

No rule without exception. Call me or meet me for a personal conversation.

You will usually reach me from from 7 a.m. thru 10 p.m.  ☎️ +49 152 542 75 164

In the photos below you'll notice that your outfit and the background have a great influence on the photos impact. Just like the decision for color or black and white.

two photos for linkedin headshot guide. Same man in front of yellow and black background.

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